Summer Congress 2023

Thank you for the Summer Congress 2023

See you in Tallinn in 2024!

The next Summer Congress will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, in Summer 2024. The CIOR, CIOMR and CISOR delegates will receive event information via established communication channels.

For those Finns interested in international events, please follow the Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation web page at and the monthly email for all members.

This Summer Congress was made possible by our sponsors:

General information

Welcome to Finland!

The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation (FROF) welcomes you to attend the CIOR / CIOMR / CISOR Summer Congress 2023 in Helsinki, Finland!

Please note the earlier than usual date for the event: 25 – 30 June 2023; MILCOMP and CIMEX participants’ arrival: 24 June 2023.

As your hosts, we are grateful that our nation became the 31st member state of NATO in April 2023. We look forward to strengthening the ties with our allies and friends in CIOR.

You can find the daily publication of SC23, Helsinki News, here.

A Fatal accident at the CIOR Summer congress

A Dutch retired reservist died during a combat casualty care exercise at the CIOR Summer Congress on Friday 30 June, as a result of a tragic accident. The next of kin of the deceased have been contacted.

Read the Press Release from CIOR or Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation website.

25 – 30 June 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

The Summer Congress 2023 in Helsinki

The Summer Congress is the largest annual meeting of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) and the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR), representing over 1.3 million reservists. The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Non- Commissioned Officers (CISOR) representatives are also invited to attend as essential cooperation partners.

The one-week program of the Summer Congress comprises CIOR and CIOMR council and various committee meetings, the Military Competition (MILCOMP) event, the Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW), and the CIOR Symposium.

We expect to welcome up to 600 reserve and non-commissioned officers representing 34 allied and partner nations.

More information on Helsinki

To learn more about Helsinki, moving about in the city and discovering its highlights, please see this site’s Visit Finland -page. 

On that page, you will find helpful information on the connections for reaching your accommodation once you’ve arrived in Finland.

Girl biking at Pohjolankatu

The Reserve and the Reserve Officers in Finland

The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation is a voluntary organisation dedicated to developing the skills and abilities of reserve officers, contributing to national defence and supporting national security. The Federation has about 28 000 members. The Federation is formed by 300 member associations organised into 20 reserve officer districts.

The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation and our close partner, The Finnish Reservists’ Association, are not part of the Finnish Defence Forces organisation. All the reservists’ organisations closely cooperate with our national Defence Forces. To learn more about our reserves’ responsibilities, you are welcome to visit these web site hosted by the Finnish Defence Forces:

The total reserves of the Finnish Defence Forces include 900,000 men and women. The wartime strength of the Defence Forces is 280,000. 

Thanks to the high readiness of the Defence Forces and a large reserve produced by the general conscription model, Finland has a credible and pre-emptive threshold against the potential use of force and the ability to defend all of the countries.

Congress Centre Paasitorni

The main venue of the Summer Congress is located within walking distance of the Helsinki City Centre. Paasitorni is easily accessible by tram, bus and metro services, and there are many restaurants, hotels and entertainment options around. Paasitorni website

Santahamina Military Island

The Military Competition (MILCOMP) and CIMEX will take place at Santahamina Military Island located close to Helsinki City Centre. The MILCOMP is hosted by the Guard Jaeger Regiment based on the island. The Regiment trains troops specialized in urban warfare to defend Helsinki and the Uusimaa region.

CIMEX and MILCOMP participants will be accommodated in Santahamina.

MILCOMP participants will be accommodated in Santahamina. The shooting, obstacle course and military orientation march will also take place in Santahamina, whilst the utility swimming will take place in a near by aquatic sports centre.

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